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         Help companies become energy solution providers

         How to conduct an energy audit

         Tools used in an energy audit

         Rebates toward Energy Efficiencies

         Solar Thermal

         Wind Turbines

         The application process for the Renewable Energy Incentive Plan of NJ

         Field experience

A Solid Investment in Today's Education

Let us Power New Jersey Green with Clean Renewable Energy!

With sales predicted to exceed $100 billion, training in Solar Electric assures a future in the most rapidly growing form of commercial energy! It is of no surprise that this clean, reliable source of Electric Power is regarded as the future of Energy Production. Led by a known solar professional with an advanced degree in Electrical Engineering, this class is an affordable path towards NABCEP Certification.
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 Intro to Solar Electric Systems. An NABCEP Recognized Program - 32 Hrs. - $850 Includes tuition,fees,supplies, and book. 
 Intro to Solar Electric Systems NABCEP Entry Level Exam Preparation - 1 day- $160. 
 Intro to Solar Electric Systems NABCEP PV Entry Level Exam - $99. 
 Green Energy Sales & Service - 24 Hrs. $720 
 Green Energy Field Experience - 16 Hrs. $2,171. 
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                                                           GREEN ENERGY SALES & SERVICE

This 5-module program prepares students to enter the Renewable Energy Sales and Service field. Upon successful completion, students will be able to sit for the NABCEP Entry Level Exam to earn their certificate as well as receive a Middlesex County College Certificate for completion of the program with 8.2 CEU’s.

Intro to Solar: This 32-hour course will cover the current financial incentives governing the installation of solar electric systems provided by the Renewable Energy Incentive Plan (REIP) of NJ. It will include the design of an actual residential PV system from conception and specification to and proposal. Information on solar panels, sizing of solar arrays, invertors, basic installation techniques and an 8 KW Hybrid system will be analyzed with all components explained. It will also include solar array shading analysis with the Solar Pathfinder, orientation review, tilt rendering along with measurement, and actual system efficiency analysis.

Test Prep: This 8-hour course prepares the student to take the NABCEP PV Entry Level Exam.

Test: This 2.5-hour test is administered at Middlesex County College. Students receive their scores directly from NABCEP.

Sales and Service: This 24-hour program takes students through the process of energy auditing and enables them to identify the best solution for applying energy efficiency strategies. Financial models of residential, commercial, and Power Purchase Agreements (PPA) will be covered including the program rules of the NJ REIP and Economic Recovery Plan 2009. The application process to become an approved program provider in NJ, PA and NY and be eligible to submit incentive and rebate forms will also be covered. Students will learn about Solar Thermal and Wind Turbines for both residential and commercial applications.

Field experience: This 16-hour program gives students practical experience in building an actual solar array. An 8-panel array will be fully designed and built utilizing full size panels, an SMA Inverter, Unirac Solar Mount racking system, wiring connected as per NEC and a Grid tie connection. A simulated Solar Irradiance source will be used for system inspection and troubleshooting with Voltmeters, clamp on current meter and other tools used in the PV Industry.

The following is an outline of the Sales and Service and Field Experience pieces:

  1. Help companies become energy solution providers
    1. How to conduct an energy audit
    2. Lighting analysis and selection of best lighting for the specific application
    3. Heating & Cooling systems
    4. Refrigeration, Chillers, Cooling Towers
    5. Weatherization – Identifying the thermal envelope & insulation choices
    6. Building Science – Viewing the facility from the holistic approach
    7. “Smart Start” buildings – Energy management systems

  1. Tools used in an energy audit
    1. Infrared cameras
    2. Thermometers
    3. Door Blower and pressure monometers
    4. Combustion Analyzer
    5. Gas detection equipment
    6. Rebates toward Energy Efficiencies
    7. ROI and paybacks – understanding the Return on Investment for the consumer
    8. Financial modeling of renewable energy technologies

  1. Solar Thermal
    1. Residential applications
    2. Commercial applications

  1. Wind Turbines
    1. Residential
    2. Commercial
    3. An actual weather monitoring station will be demonstrated with a wind monitoring system and data tracking software

  1. The application process for the Renewable Energy Incentive Plan (REIP) of New Jersey
    1. Solar PV
    2. Solar thermal
    3. Wind turbines

  1. Field experience
    1. Conducting an actual energy audit
    2. How to propose recommendations
    3. Tools and Applications
At NJ Solar Electric we bring you the best in training for Solar and other forms of Green Energy. This along with Energy Conservation enables us to be good procurer of our planet.

We believe that by providing the path and the means to secure education in this very important field enables New Jersey and America as a whole to provide jobs while at the same time be an example of that... a responsible steward to our environment.

Let us come together in this important aspect of our economy and for our wellbeing. Together we can Power America Green with Clean Renewable Energy!
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This Class on Solar Training is held in Central New Jersey at Middlesex County College. Affordable Day and evening classes are available. *Please fill out the simple form to get the registration forms mailed to you.
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