Solar Investing

Whether you are investing in solar for your establishment or on someone else's business, either way the return on solar investment is hard to top compared to other forms of investments.

Investments in solar are considered low risk with a high rate of return for your money. This is because solar or photovoltaic investments are critical to America's well-being. Renewable energy, specifically solar, provides energy independence, security, and employment. Not only must America help the world for a cleaner environment, but set an example as well. Solar along with energy conservation works hand in hand.

With the many initiatives currently provided to us at the federal, state and local government for the production of clean energy and conservation, this is the basis that provide the means to accelerate this goal. Helping to expand this goal is where you the investor and NJ Solar Electric can come in; respectively as financier and solar system integrator.

Investors that act on their own or pool their money can then take advantage of this fantastic vehicle to invest money.

At NJ Solar Electric we are looking to partner with establishments and individuals that are looking to offer solar financing to businesses, organizations, schools, local government, as well as residential customers. Please write to me regarding this matter.


Joseph Routis, General Manager

Tel. (973) 777-2932 Fax. (973) 778-4280

The NJ Solar Electric Corporation also has clientele that are non-profit and can use a donation of free electricity; please give to a good cause while at the same time, reap the bulk of the benefits offered by the United States Government and of our home States for photovoltaic (solar power) installations.
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Solar Investing -A Quick and Profitable Return on Investment.

New Jersey leads in solar investments with SRECís.