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NJ Solar Electric salutes you as a nonprofit organization or establishment!

Who says that you as a nonprofit organization can't benefit from the tremendous benefits attained from solar?

If you are a nonprofit organization PPA (Power Purchase Agreements) are a good way to go with a solar installation. PPAís alleviate the cost of installing a solar electric system. With this arrangement, a power provider takes care of the costs associated of procuring solar power. Here the nonprofit organization no longer has to worry about maintenance cost and other issues. Power provided then becomes a signed agreement of how much the usage of electricity will cost. Usually in this scenario, electricity use is attained at a discounted price and depending on the contract, the solar system itself at a later date may become transferable to the nonprofit organization free of charge, or at the very least purchased at an affordable price. The Investors in this type of agreements take advantage of the tax equity provide by a solar PPA installation such as from a quick depreciation of photovoltaic and the substantial tax grants or credits derived from it. Because of this they can in turn sell the electricity generated from it to organizations such as nonprofits at a discounted price.

But what if a nonprofit organization in New Jersey wants to purchase and own solar electric system? What can they possibly gain from it financially? Well for starters, there is the NJ State rebate and the SRECS (Solar Renewable Energy Credits) attained from it. These SRECS generate so much revenue that it pays for the solar system itself in a very short period of time, and they continue to produce positive cash flow once the system has already been paid for during the next fifteen years. This is on top of the free electricity that a nonprofit is already receiving. A great way to go if a nonprofit organization is able to raise the initial cash needed to make a solar system purchase on their own.

If a nonprofit is strapped for cash what other ways are available for it to acquire a solar electric system? In this scenario a solar lease presents itself. Here a nonprofit organization attains a special lease to purchase a type of an agreement where financing is provided by an investment banking firm. The nonprofit organization is able to benefit from the tax equity provided by the federal government (30% tax credit or grant) and the revenue generated by the SRECís. These sources of cash can then be used to pay off the lease. Please ask us for the details on how this is done so that we may be able to explain it to you further. After the lease arrangement has been satisfied, the nonprofit can then purchase this installed solar system for one dollar and again also continue to collect the positive cash flow from the SRECís generation during its fifteen year duration.

At NJ Solar Electric we explain to you the many options available to a nonprofit organization. We will help you attain the best financial solutions for your solar installation. We also have a unique arrangement that is highly suitable to nonprofit organizations.
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Non-Profits can still benefit from the rich Tax Equity of Solar