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Solar power production is affected by various factors such as module mis-match, obstruction shading, inter-row shading, and obstacles such as dust or debris. In addition, non-uniform changes in temperature, irradiance, and shading create complex current-voltage curves, further affecting energy harvest. This is due to the fact that in traditional systems the performance of the entire system is dictated by the performance of the weakest module.

The Enphase Energy Microinverter System solves solar power challenges by performing Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) at each solar module. MPPT is an algorithm used to calculate and respond to temperature and light changes detected on a solar power system, and to determine how much power to draw from the module. In contrast, centralized inverter’s MPPT algorithm sees the entire solar power system as a single module, and responds to the lowest production numbers it detects.
NJ Solar Electric recommends this type of inverter where applicable.

Enphase Inverters have a unique capility of dealing with temporary shading. Another benefit of the distributed microinverter design is the potential for installations to be expanded over time. An initial set of solar modules can be installed and additional modules added as needs and budgets grow without requiring the replacement of a large centralized inverter.
For large solar installations Satcon Inverters are available. Satcon Prism is a fully integrated one megawatt medium voltage (MV) solution optimized for utility scale solar PV installations. Leveraging Satcon's industry standard setting PowerGate(R) Plus 500kW solar PV inverters, Prism is a utility grade one megawatt platform, complete with factory integrated step-up transformers, MV disconnect switches, and power conversion electronics.
Here is another utility class Inverter.
Solstice, Satcon's distributed energy management system, is an optimized end-to-end, panel-to-grid, solar PV electrical power generation system that focuses on improving total system performance, reducing overall balance of system costs, and increasing system controllability, safety and uptime. Solstice is engineered from the ground up to provide granular control over every component in the array—from a single string, to the inverter, to power delivered to the grid.

With its sophisticated central command and control center, Solstice reacts to changing conditions with remarkable speed providing the industry's first complete power harvesting and management solution for utility class power plants.
This portable little gadget when connected to the internet can transmit valuable data from a solar installation. A Solar Power System's health can then be viewed and managed for performance.

Once the unit is plugged into an AC outlet, simply connecting an Ethernet cable from the Envoy into a broadband router, performance data is transmitted. Access to performance information becomes immediately accessible.
Below is just a very small sample of products available for Solar Power installations. At NJ Solar Electric we only use "Best of Breed" for our solar products.
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Aurora® Inverters utilize high-efficiency power-conversion technologies, and high-speed independent Maximum Power Point Tracking (MPPT) channels, to increase the amount of usable power that is available from renewable-energy installations. This optimized energy harvesting can significantly increase the ROI of residential and commercial solar-power plants.
There are many inverters in the market, each one claiming to be the best. But rest assured that NJ Solar Electric will choose the right one that suits your need. How about when it comes to Solar Panels? Below is a small sample from a myriad of panels to choose from.
Which of these panels is the best?
What about other components? There is no confusion when NJ Solar Electric selects the "Best of Breed for your Solar application"
Let NJ Solar Electric's expertise handle your Solar System Integration needs.

In managing your solar power production, NJ Solar Electric will not only oversee all aspects of design and installation, but also in planning and communicating with its installation partners, as well as on-going maintenance agreement.

We use "Best of Breed Practices" for our installations and will make sure that our background in Technical Electronics, Electrical, Electronic Communications, and 30 years experience in Computer Technology and Electro-Mechanical Equipment is at your disposal to assure you full functionality and 100% satisfaction.
Simple and reliable inverters for grid interconnection.
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