Full Solar Shading Analysis

         PV array size and voltage requirements

         Inverter system and voltage requirements

         Location Planning

         Utility Interface Design

         Environmental Design

         Communication Interface Design

         Panel & Connection Design

         Controls & Breaker Design

         Wiring & Harness Design

         Electrical Contacts & Component Design

         Best of Breed Practices

System Design And Engineering Services

NJ Solar Electric expertise in Solar Power is at your disposal.
Solar Electric use is becoming more politically correct as well as economical as witnessed here on this stage setup. For a worry free installation let NJ Solar Electric handle all of your solar power needs. The Spirit of Excellence is within us.
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NJ Solar Electric starts by inspecting your location and doing a pre-construction analysis based on your needs and budget.
Once this is done we propose what would be a best solar solution for you. If for example in our determination that a roof type of solar installation is best, we then go ahead with a complete shading analysis. NJ Solar Electric will make sure that when completed, the solar system being built will operate at a minimum of 80% efficiency. We take into account roof lifespan, loading, wind lift on solar panels, as well as southern exposure and other considerations for optimum trouble free performance.
Our project manager handles all issues that need to be addressed from pre-construction to implementation. When an optimal system design is in place coordination is addressed as well, for the roofing with roof mounted PV module layout, and of the proprietary mounting hardware for the solar panels with the manufacturer. Another aspect of multi-disciplinary coordination if required could include Architects, Civil Engineers, Structural Engineers, and others.
Upon completion of a solar installation we provide you with a fourteen (14) year warranty and preventative maintenance plan. Our annual service plan includes a scheduled maintenance tasks that consists of:

  1. Overall visual inspection of solar installed area and to check for water or weather related problems
  2. Inspection of nuts, bolts, screws and connectors for tightness and heat discoloration or corrosion
  3. Inspection of wiring harnesses equipment, subassemblies and its associated controls
  4. Inspection of contacts and major components plus temperature checks where applicable
  5. Electronic subsystems are all calibrated to the system specification and recorded
  6. We perform or install any reliability improvement notices we receive including software upgrades
  7. Phase-to-phase input voltages and currents are also measured and recorded
  8. Checking of inverter and other component function
  9. Safety devices are checked for operation
  1. Correct any deficiencies found
  2. Issue a maintenance report

The maintenance report includes a system performance assessment and any questions you may have are answered in a timely and courteous manner.

In managing your solar power production, NJ Solar Electric will not only oversee all aspects of design and installation, but also in planning and communicating with its installation partners, as well as on-going maintenance agreement. We use "Best of Breed Practices" for our installations and will make sure that our background in Technical Electronics, Electrical, Electronic Communications, and 30 years in Computer Technology is at your disposal to assure you full functionality and 100% satisfaction at all times.
We stand by our products and services. We work closely with our customers to help them understand their renewable energy options, state and federal requirements, and the financial benefits they can achieve.

Our warranty is as follows:

                               Our Installations Have a Fourteen (14) year Warranty on Parts & Labor

                               25 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Most Rigid Solar Panels

                               20 Year Manufacturer Warranty on Most Flexible Solar Panels

                                Warranty Coverage on Our Installations Include an Annual Preventive Maintenance & Report

Adding a solar system to your business, organization, or residence not only increases its value, but is an easy way to take advantage of current incentives, while at the same time helping to protect the environment.

Please fill out our customer request form located on our home page so that we can address your solar electric needs ASAP.