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Main Street, USA sign lights the night using Solar Power. Don't wait any longer... let us show you how to light up your home or business using clean energy.
Invest in Solar Energy for a higher rate of return. Businesses get an immediate 50% depreciation. Residentials get a Rebate plus a tax credit. Both get Free Electricity, SREC's money annually, Increased Real Estate Value, Long lifespan of Solar Panels and more! Please fill out the inquiry form for us to contact you.
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NJ Solar Electric is the premier installer for Clean Solar Energy products and Solar Powered Electric Systems in the State of New Jersey. We specialize in the installation of solar panels, Solyndra solar cylinders that doesn't require roof attachment, and others. Our solar design selections consist of the best of breed in materials. Our practices consist of the best of breed among world class processes. From shading analysis to design and implementation, we are there for you each step of the way. Whether it is about solar power contracting and financing, inverter selection, questions about electrical wiring and other components, we take time out to answer all of your questions in a courteous and timely manner. You are within the reach of NJ Solar Electric Corporation's expertise in solar electric technology and solar system integration if you live in any of these counties: Sussex, Passaic, Warren, Morris, Bergen Essex, Hudson, Union, Hunterdon, Somerset, Middlesex, Mercer, Monmouth, Ocean, Burlington, Camden, Gloucester, Salem, Atlantic, Cumberland, and Cape May. We handle all of the required permits and inspections at the state, county, and municipal level of governments in New Jersey. The garden state is nj and we are proud to be a new jersey solar contractor. Our state bug is the honey bee, critical to plant and human survival. Please be a honey and help begin saving our planet by becoming a new jersey solar power bug advocate to others. The NJ Solar Electric Corporation is the solar division of Handy Men of America Inc - License No. 13VH04670800. Thank you.
A Division of Handymen of America
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Solar Installation in New Jersey

Greetings everyone and welcome to NJ Solar Electric! My name is Joseph Routis and I would like to take a little bit of your time and tell you how to cut down on the cost of electricity using the power of Solar Energy in New Jersey.

You already know that our sun is the cheapest, cleanest, and most reliable source of energy. It sustains all life on our planet and is readily accessible to most of us.

Solar Electric however, isnít always about immediately saving money; itís also about community consciousness, commitment to environmental and geo-political stability, and making a positive statement with respective constituent groups (e.g. members, students, teachers, colleagues, employees, customers and shareholders if from a business standpoint). Though if used only as an alternate source of energy to save money, Solar Power is simply hard to beat.
The graphs above depict payback from a small residential user of solar for electricity and the solar energy economic framework, both from the New Jersey Bureau of Public Utilities.

With such incentives as the generous rebate or grant from the State of New Jersey, Federal tax credits, an accelerated depreciation, free electricity, and along with a continuous incoming cash flow through SREC's that is generated by a solar electric system, these incentives give quick payback on investments in residential and commercial applications of solar. Other incentives appear in the form of extra rebates from using products manufactured in New Jersey, to cost free or highly subsidized energy conservation measures.

In our business of Solar Power System Integration, we explain all of these to you including financing options that create zero cash outlay. For example: some of the financing can be done through PSE&G ...up to 60% of the cost and paid afterward not by you, but by the cash flow from the SREC's ( Solar Renewable Energy Certificates) your solar system generates.

The ROI for Solar Electricity is phenomenal and un-matched by other forms of investments! Current solar panels after they are installed are expected to last anywhere from 25 to 30 years.

Whether it is for commercial or residential solar applications, NJ Solar Electric does the cost analysis free of charge. Once you or members of your board approve, we go ahead with the complete shading analysis along with the design and implementation of a solar system. NJ Solar Electric will handle all of the permitting and the different State and Municipal inspections required, plus all that is necessary to obtain available rebates and other incentives. Our installations are done in a safe and professional manner in accordance to OSHA standards. We install solar products in all of New Jersey's counties and also seek outside investors if needed to help finance your project.

In the event you have no capital to invest or simply do not want to tie up your money, as an alternative NJ Solar Electric can provide an immediate savings of 50% off the electricity that you currently pay even though you did not supply the capital needed to proceed with a Solar PV (Photo Voltaic) installation. This 50% savings can be achieved and works well even if an individual, a commercial establishment, or an organization and its members have no money and no capacity to borrow. Of course the degree of investment you put in determines your rate of return, but for a scenario of zero cash outlay plus in return receive a fifty percent savings on your electric bill it simply can't be beat.

Now imagine if you decided to fund a solar investment in whole using the available tax credit and state rebate, you would then end up with free electricity altogether (all the electricity your solar pv electric system can generate and then some). The more clean electricity your system generates, the larger the cash value of SREC's. Any unused or excess electricity generated goes back to the power company grid as storage for your later use, or is purchased from you by the power company itself. Once a solar electric installation is fully paid for, in which case is very quick in the State of New Jersey, SREC's along with free electricity begin to generate a tremendous amount of positive cash flow. New Jersey is now second to California in terms of Solar Energy, and it is these incentives that are driving it. After installing a solar power system on your property, the appraised value of this property inherently goes up without having its taxes subsequently go up too. We will be happy to explain all of these to you and more by filling out the Contact Form located on this page.

For those heavy users of electricity: malls, lighting companies, equipment users, manufacturers, etc... Using solar electricity is your competitive edge! If payoff from residential solar installations is quick, commercial installation is undeniably quicker especially with the ability to accelerate its depreciation. Non-profit organizations can lower their cost of electricity too by using solar energy. Those that opt for a roof solar installation can also expect greater longevity from their roof since the solar panels protect it more from the damaging rays of the sun.

NJ Solar Electric welcomes anyone who wants to pay less for electricity but does not have the funds or wish not to pay for a solar installation. In this type of an arrangement, we offer or direct you to one of our affiliates that provide a Solar PPA (Power Purchase Agreement). A Solar PPA agreement allows you or your establishment to purchase electricity generated by a solar PV installation at a discount (50%). These PPA agreements are financed by investors who take advantage of the various federal, state incentives, and tax benefits (debt and tax equity) available. When you sign a contract with a PPA provider your electricity cost becomes constant and will no longer fluctuate as energy prices do. With the cost for power plants to produce electricity spiraling, chances are your cost when buying this same power from a utility company will also continue to go up in price.

In managing your solar power production, NJ Solar Electric will not only oversee all aspects of design and installation, but also in planning and communicating with its installation partners, as well as on-going maintenance agreement. We use "Best of Breed Practices" for our installations and will make sure that our background in Technical Electronics, Electrical, Electronic Communications, and 30 years in Computer Technology is at your disposal to assure you full functionality and 100% satisfaction. Come and experience our contractor services, we believe that NJ Solar Electric is second to none in terms of excellence. We are proud to service New Jersey.

Joseph Routis, Gen. Mgr.
Solar Electric is one of the terms commonly used when energy from the sun is captured using Solar Photo Voltaic Panels. These panels consist of solar cells that turn the sun's rays into electricity. The Sun is our only energy source expected to last billions of years. Each one of these solar cells generate tiny amounts of electricity, but when combined can generate enough electricity in scale to efficiently power our electrical needs.

Technology has come to the point where the use of Solar Electric provides long term viability and economies of scale. Its key advantages include no moving parts unless it is designed to follow the sun across the horizon. When installed with no moving parts, it is noiseless and free of polluting emissions. Solar Systems have become modular and can be installed virtually anywhere. Solar Energy has become a big part of the Green or Sustainable initiative: free limitless clean fuel supply that is friendly to our environment unlike fossil fuel. Perhaps the rising cost and limited supply of fossil fuel is finally causing this "Revolution in Terms of Solar Energy". Fossil fuel use is really detrimental to our planet's eco system, and people that grow corn or other substitutes for fossil fuel are equally to the blame as those who use it. Why waste precious food as additives to fossil fuel so that we can continue burning more of it? There is really no excuse to not start using solar power whenever possible as this will begin to diminish the tons of pollutants we disperse into Earth's atmosphere every day. Starvation and premature death is our outcome if we do not heed to the Green House Effect warning that is facing us. Use of Solar Electric is now profitable because it has become cheaper to operate. Plentiful and cheap electricity has made America what it is today, a global powerhouse; and a Solar Revolution can do just that again by allowing our machines and buildings to operate more efficiently and competitively. When Solar panels that have a current lifespan of between twenty-five and thirty years are installed properly and with care using quality materials, meaning correct gauge in wiring, grounding, mounting, and susceptibility to oxidation reduced, then there should be no reason why the whole system should not last as long, save for perhaps an inverter here and there failing over its projected lifespan. Inverters by the way, change the Direct Current output of a solar PV (solar panel) module into Alternating Current which is what households normally run on. Combine all of the above, and with the Garden State advocating the use of Solar through generous incentives, the advent of the internet allowing easy monitoring of a solar installation for its performance, Solar Electric will quickly become the norm as people begin to realize how cost effective and affordable it has become. But do not wait any longer, now is the time to switch to Solar Power from dirty fossil fuel burning and help save our planet.

It is entirely up to you to make the switch to Solar and help save Earth because it is impractical for our power plants to use Solar Energy entirely to supply electricity for everyone. First of all, there is a tremendous amount of loss in electric power when a plant generates electricity and then has to deliver it to the end user. Power plants in New Jersey or in the surrounding states cannot use only solar to generate electricity due to the space requirement of the solar PV modules. The end user however, has all of this wasted space on their rooftops, on the side of their buildings, and other areas where solar panels can be installed. There is very little alternative to using Solar Power other than continue polluting our air by burning fuel or using inefficient plant supplied electricity. Existing power plants aside from largely burning fossil fuels like coal and natural gas do use other ways to generate power such as from nuclear, wind turbines, and hydro-electric power, but to a lesser extent. Clean burning coal the term used by the coal industry to make it sound palatable, there is no such thing. To make clean burning coal it has to be liquefied and the poisonous gases emitted utilized or burnt, and the rest sequestered underground with the hope of it not seeping out later to drastically affect our planet. As you can see, using Solar Power as source for your electricity needs is the only viable alternative. Let Solar Energy heat your home, run your television, power machinery and on everything around you effectively and economically.

What is Solar Electric?

Types of Solar Electric

Grid Connected Solar Power Systems: this is your typical residential or commercial solar electric application. From simple solar home systems supplying individual houses, to small mini-grid installations for a central village supply, up to stabilizing an existing grid itself, a grid connected solar power system produces power from the use of solar pv panels and then sends any unused electricity back to the grid for electrical backup so that it can be used when it is night time or when the sun is out. Any remaining electricity generated by the solar system that was sent to the grid and not used is purchased wholesale by the power company.

Stand Alone Units: these type of solar power are used in places where there is limited access to grid connected electricity from the power plant. Effective uses are in farms, remote or vast areas where access to electricity is needed but impractical or not economical. A standalone unit can be used along with a battery backup so as to provide power long after sunset. In areas around the world where there is no electricity or the quality of grid connected electricity is poor due to constant blackouts, this type of arrangement enhances living standards along with increasing productivity. In New Jersey, aside from providing clean energy, standalone units are perfect for street lighting, parking lots, boardwalks, beaches, paths and walkways, communications, signs, vehicles, virtually anywhere where electricity is required and needs to be economical.

Grid Connected Stand Alone Units: Like a rechargeable power source these units are perfect for places where it cannot make do without electricity. Good examples are: hospitals, defense, emergency backup, data centers, etc. It supplies solar power during normal use, charges a battery backup, and returns any excess power to the power plant's electrical grid as additional backup or for the power plant to purchase if unused. Stand Alone and Grid Connected Stand Alone Solar Power Units have many advantages over existing diesel generators and other self-sustained systems: provision for fuel and servicing is no longer needed, plus added reliability and quietness due to no moving parts in a solar powered system.

There are other ways the Sun's energy is utilized to produce electricity in non-photovoltaic ways such as in Concentrated Power Plants. CSP (Concentrated Power Plants) uses a parabolic reflector to concentrate and direct the Sun's heat on oil that is transferred to a heat exchanger where steam emerges and in turn drives the turbines that produce electricity. CSP is used typically for utility-scale solar thermal power plants and is more suitable to within the Earth's Sun Belt.

No matter what type of Solar Power System is used, our Sun provides enormous amounts of valuable clean energy. It is therefore up to us to make the right choice and capture this God given source of energy, one that is not only free, but is more than enough to last a million lifetimes, and in the end help us become a better a procurer of our only planet... Earth.

Whether you fill out our contact request form, email us or call, NJ Solar Electric's evaluation are free and is the first step to getting you started. Contract with us and not only will you be lowering energy cost by either saving or making money, but more importantly by conscientiously helping to protect our environment.